Since 2016, the 4DWD R&D team has invested in developing and inventing new geophysical data processing techniques to improve the efficiency and accuracy of data interpretation and to optimize it to suite exclusivly the wind energy industry. One of the most exciting advancements has been the coding and development our own federated machine learning algorithms, which can analyze large amounts of geophysical data with a high reliability level and identify patterns and relationships that would be difficult for geophysical experts to detect.

Our algorithms are being used in a variety of applications, such as subsurface imaging, seismic hazard assessment, and pUXO detection and other needed tasks related with the OWF localities. The integration of machine learning with traditional data processing methods is leading to more efficient and effective exploration and mapping of the subsea. Our technologies have been used sucessfully in many lead projects in the Baltic sea, North sea in the EU region, APAC region and the Middle East.