Leading expert and developer to the cutting-edge Federal AI-powered interpretation and 4D modelling technologies of the OWF's geophysical data with unparalleled proven risk mitigation solutions

Who We Are

4DWD LLC is specialized in delivering state-of-the-art data processing, Interpretation, and 4D Modelling for the wind projects locations survey data in addition to consulting services, with a focus on High-Resolution Seismic, Sidescan, Multibeam and Magnetometer surveys. Additionally, the company provides AI-Powered High Tech products and own experienced experts for offshore data acquisition verification, processing, interpretation, modelling in the 4D mode and reporting according to the latest standards.

How We Approach Our Business

4DWD offers worldwide services and advice for offshore wind energy industry infrastructure planning, Pre-installation services. We are leading the geophysical survey managment and consultation, Data analysis, Data processing, Data interpretation, development and monitoring, obtaining installations approvals and auditing the post survey operations, as well as managing coastal survey activities. Our approach emphasizes utilizing cutting-edge AI-Powered data processing and interpretation technologies and techniques to help our clients optimize current capabilities, project budget, project time frame and mitigating the subsea risks especially during the geotechnical activities and attain optimal offshore operations outcomes.

4DWD Service Scope

4DWD offers a variety of services, covering the offshore WTG location’s comprehensive geophysical operations management and implementation, as well as data interpretation consultations and the Subsea modelling advisory services. 4DWD focus in its services on the AI-Powered pUXO & archeological objects detection through the advanced geophysical data analysis, instead of executing very expensive and time consuming specialized UXO detection offshore survey. 4DWD serves and guiding the data acquisition and the processing of the acquired sophisticated dataset by different geophysical methods as the SBP, ultra-high resolution seismic, MAG, MBES and the SSS. In addition, 4DWD provides client representation, project management, and lead and advising innovation, research and development in the offshore data processing, modelling, and simulation technologies.