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Learn more about geological consulting, offshore customer representation and our data center.

We have the right advice

GeodAix is hiring the most experienced and talented Geoscientists and Machine intelligence engineers from German universities. Our Consultants are senior researchers and Jung professors with Ph.D degree and long academic and industrial experiences as a minimum requirement to join our team. Our consultants are distinguished as academic references in their fields with many published manuscripts in the high ranked scientific journals.

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Quality is important to us

We are fully qualified to certify new commercial products, surveys, techniques and technical proposals in geosciences and deep learning and machine intelligence techniques. We are able to make assessments to projects, datasets as well as different kind of technical testing and calibration sequences.

Our team blends a combination of different experiences in geosciences, Machine learning, marine operations who fully understand the intricate challenges associated with the subsea imaging in purpose of the Oil & Gas as well as Geotechnical projects.

Offshore - customer representation

GeodAix client rep. (CR) are basically experts in the geoscience. They have good communication level with the subcontractor team in addition to their experience that enable them to understand, analyses and guide the offshore operations.

Our representatives

GeodAix and its highly qualified representatives have an intensive knowledge with UXO safety issues, detection, identification, Risk assessment and reporting of UXO projects during investigation and disposal operations.

Our experts have a good distinguished experience in tender evaluation for offshore windfarm installation projects, cable routes, UXO detection work and planning operational duties and responsibilities. We are also involved in commissioning, tendering as well as the identification of subcontractor missions, the identification of the local potential subcontractors and follow up their performance regarding the accuracy and the cost.

GeodAix can do upon the client request, Operational risk assessments for the offshore operations and security risk assessments for requirements of support vessels and land teams.

Our highly qualified personnel provide expertise in the following segments:
• management and engineering.
• diving and ROV services.
• Geophysical Data Processing and consulting.
• Inspection, commissioning, consultations and Risk assessments
• survey operations.

Our project managers lead highly-qualified multi-disciplined project teams, capable of executing different types of complicated offshore projects with a very good accuracy with a minimum required human control.

GeodAix Data Center

GeodAix datacenter uses modern technology and powerful servers and machines to do all kinds of the Data processing and interpretation to Geomagnetic, 3D/4D Seismic and Geoelectrical tomography datasets.

All important servicesfrom a single source.

We have our built-in powerful codes that works side-by-side with classical software like Oasis-Montaj, Petrel, Omega, PetroMod, etc

Our experts employ the machine intelligence technology to perform tasks with high commercial standards according to our client’s exploration needs and plans. We are able to deliver fast track processing results, reports and trails during different operational or commercial phases and according to the business need.

We help our customers

Our assets enable our clients from archiving their dataset on our servers and facilitate the login to these powerful servers 24/7. We can receive datasets directly from offshore vessels and enables the login and streaming to these dataset catalogues from authorized persons identified by our client.

We help our clients to build their processing routines and providing the required scientific and practical training to your geophysical data processing team upon requests. Our mentors are academic lecturers in different German universities with long industrial experiences.